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Our downtown stroll will expose you to Santa Fe's 400 year history, serene adobe architecture, religious landmarks, and colorful culture. Stops on this tour include The Plaza, 109 East Palace Avenue, Cathedral Park, Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, and Loretto Chapel.

Depart: 10am daily from the concierge desk at La Fonda Plaza Hotel.

Duration: 90-120 minutes

Price: $16 per adult; Kids under 12 go free with adult supervision.

Recommendation: Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

Walk Ins Welcome: Though reservations are appreciated. Call Sita at (505) 577-7645.


Chocolate first made its North American debut one thousand years ago in New Mexico's Chaco Canyon. 

Today, Santa Fe's chocolate shops infuse local ingredients like chili, piñon nuts and lavender into  their treats. Our tour will visit several of these shops for delicious tastings and intriguing stories.

Duration: 120 minutes

Price: $20 per adult; Kids under 12 go free with adult supervision.

Recommendation: Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

Please call to arrange a time and date: Contact Sita (505) 577-7645. 



From earliest days of the Spanish to the modern day of the Atomic Bomb, spies have always been active in the historic capital of New Mexico. 


This tour features Santa Fe's major spy hangouts and drop off points where top secret information was exchanged. Come join tour guide Allen Steele as he shares spy history in the nation’s oldest capital city.

Depart: 1:30pm every Wednesday from the concierge desk at La Fonda Plaza Hotel. Other days and times available upon request.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: $20 per adult; Kids under 12 go free with adult supervision.

Recommendation: Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water. 

Walk Ins Welcome: Though reservations are appreciated. Contact Allen (269) 861-5203.


Sita Jamieson Caddle: Sita has lived in Santa Fe since 1979. Her tours emphasize Santa Fe's three cultures and how they shaped the beauty, architecture, and tourism of today. She was trained by the History Museum and can't wait to guide you around New Mexico's capital city. 

Allen Steele: Allen is one of the most requested tour guides by hotels in Santa Fe.  His historical research and enjoyment come through in his joy of sharing all he knows about this historic city.  A published author, his most recent book about Santa Fe is expected to be published soon and he enjoys sharing the stories he has discovered about the ancient city.  His specialties are history, spies and chocolate but he also shares his love of art and cuisine that make Santa Fe so famous.  He likes nothing more than stopping at the various spots around town to tell you about historical events that happened there.  


Tom Gallegos: Tom helps visitors experience Santa Fe, native Pueblos, Spanish villages, the beautiful outdoors and unique cuisine. He especially enjoys sharing the beauty and history of Santa Fe on his walking tour. Tom is a native of Taos and currently lives in Santa Fe. 

Paul Hillman: Paul spent 40 years as an art director at CBS and ABC Television in Manhattan before coming to Santa Fe, where he was immediately captivated by the richness of the land and its people. A longtime outdoor sports enthusiast and history buff, he devoured as much information as he could about the Land of Enchantment before joining the Discovery City Walking Tour.. Rain or shine, Paul now enjoys sharing his excitement about Santa Fe’s culture,  history, and architecture with visitors from all over the world.

Susan MacDonald: Susan's walking tours are conversational, a sharing of ideas of the vibrant Land of Enchantment. She begins by honoring our Native American people, then moves on the Spanish, Mexican and Territorial periods of New Mexico History, and culminate in what life is like in contemporary New Mexico. Susan enjoys going home after a tour with the knowledge of others communities, their experiences in their world, a bit of financial reward, and usually a few more questions then answers.  



We are proud that our tour guide extraordinaire, Allan Steele, has just released a new book titled, Santa Fe 1880. You can purchase your copy today on Amazon!

"The sleepy frontier capital of Santa Fe transformed abruptly in 1880. The city, already a vibrant mix of cultures, jolted suddenly into the industrial age when it was inundated with hordes of newcomers from the East. The freshly laid tracks of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway provided easy access to the Wild West and changed the city almost overnight. Learn about the daily lives and surprising adventures of its local inhabitants, including Sisters of Charity challenging the establishment, Buffalo Soldiers pursuing an Apache chief across the desert and Billy the Kid's escape from prison. Author Allen R. Steele recounts these events and more from firsthand accounts of that dynamic year."


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